Who We Are

Today, it is the quality of in-house talent that becomes a deciding factor that will set up a new milestone of the organization. We, at ITCAG, complement this by bringing the depth of our domain knowledge, reliability and client commitment to help deliver on new hiring programs.
ITCAG is a global Talent Solution Provider focused on helping you make an impact on your businesses and drive more value through your Human Resource investment.

Our expertise and commitment in delivering complex staffing requirements is the reason why we are trusted by many Fortune 500 clients. Our partners speak volumes about our Global Outsourcing and Staffing Solutions. In Switzerland, we are one of the most sought after Talent Solution Provider, delivering to customers all across U.K and Europe. We operate with a lot of flexibility and offer a wide range of services. Our knowledge in different domains helps the client to take quicker decisions based on our key insights.

Our customers are individuals and corporate, both. We advice our candidates on career opportunities in which they can grow and find stability. We consult and offer services to our corporate clients on different aspects of recruitment and provide them with skilled resources that are competitive. To seamlessly run these operations of delivering sharp results, our team constantly works on improvising research and insights and building a worldwide network of resource pool.
So if you are an individual or a corporate, who wants to associate with the best fitment opportunity for your growth, you will find the perfect match through ITCAG, to help you translate your dream into reality.

Freelance IT specialists benefit from our comprehensive service offering, too – from job evaluation and support in the application phase through to all administrative contacts with the client as part of the assignment.

In 2011, ITech Consult achieved a turnover of 14 million British pounds. The company employs a total of 20 internal members of staff, all with long experience in the field of recruiting IT experts on behalf of our clients.

Some key facts about our organization:

  • ITech Consult (ITCAG) is affiliated with The ISO 9001 professional organizations and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • The company employs a total of 30+ internal members as the core team. They are experienced professionals from IT industry.
  • At any given point of time, our company has availability of nearly 30,000 qualified IT specialists (such as developers, system experts, project managers, support technicians and more).
  • In 2011, ITCAG achieved a turnover of 14 million British pounds.
  • ITCAG was established in 1997 in Switzerland.
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