Our environmental concept encompasses several points, for instance education, control and sustainability.

ITech Consult focusses particularly on an economical and ecological optimisation process known as “Doppel-ÖK”. At its core lies the fact that practically all aspects of environmental protection are goverened by economic factors. You might be surprised how often economic considerations correspond to environmental ones. As a result, environmentally responsible actions are quite frequently not only good for nature, they can also save money! ITech Consult would like to put this synergy to good use by striving to work both in an environmentally friendly way and in line with market requirements. Especially as far as paper consumption and energy use are concerned, the principle of “Doppel-ÖK” should come to the fore.

With the development of new technologies, our impact on the environment changes regularly. Therefore, the management of ITech Consult has appointed a dedicated in-house environment officer. This way, we can ensure environmental protection of the highest quality.

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