What We Offer

This service is for individual freelancers who are either working on different assignments or are looking out for new projects. Individual IT professionals join us to become our extended workforce. Our team helps you to connect to potential job recruiters who need skill-set matching your background.

This model helps the IT freelancers take on multiple projects without losing on their freedom of being an entrepreneur. The individual continues to take personal decisions related to working on the assignment and ITCAG acts as the bridge between the client and the individual freelancer.

The advantage of our service is that it becomes simpler for individuals to contact for relevant and potential job assignments. As freelancers the risk of not having complete connection with the employer and their business is mitigated. ITCAG consultant will look into all aspects of the assignment and offer you our support services for your easy on-boarding of project.

Some of our services that will take care of the role of an employer during your freelance assignments include:

  • Your application at first place is treated as confidential in our system.
  • Your profile is selected for projects that suit your background only.
  • Your interview is arranged with potential clients where we accompany you.
  • Your contract terms are negotiated by us to ensure the best possible deals in your favour.
  • Your queries and concerns with employer are brought forward by us for negotiation.
  • A personal consultant is assigned to you who will take care of your concerns during the entire project.
  • Our team takes care of all administrative matters concerning the employer. (such as timesheet, billing, social benefits and taxes etc.)
  • As acting employers, the payment is made swiftly and directly to your account from our side.
  • Before the expiry of contract, after your consent, the contract is discussed for an extension with the client and is renewed.
  • In case there is no extension of the contract, our team continues to search another suitable assignment for you.

And last but not least: We will always take the time to look in on you every now and then – just to exchange a few words and have a little chat.

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