Employer Services

Employers always seek good talent and are willing to hire them without compromise. The employers business is expanding and is competing with many others in the industry. In such competitive environments, employers require teams of individuals who are sharp, skilled and have positive attitude towards learning.

The employers benefit in associating with us as our industry experienced recruiters have a far sighted approach when it comes to hiring profiles that can match closest to their job requirement. As our client, the employer benefits real time transaction and communication which is more effective and transparent. The chance of missing on key inputs from employers is reduced through use of our online technologies.  This working model has worked for us effectively with most of our clients. As a result they have repeatedly done business with us.

You may be a large organisation with multiple offices or a small business; the requirement is always of the talent that stays abreast of industry knowledge. If your strategy is to hire the best mindsets, ITCAG is the most reliable Talent Solution Provider you should partner with.

Our employer specific services include:

  • Staffing – These are typically bulk profile requirements on projects in the organisations. The requirements are usually a roll-out where clients have deadlines to meet as they have to initiate their processes based on new hiring. Whether it is adding more members to an existing team or is a new roll-out, qualification and caliber of each profile selected is integral for the business outcome.

As our client, we advise you to focus on your business excellence and outsource the hiring formalities to an expert like us. Our team works from end-to-end in the staffing process. Our team does preliminary screening of telephonic interview, qualification and criteria match, match of the job and business goals before making a preliminary selection of profiles for the interview with our client.

ITCAG has a strong reputation in Staffing process based on these:

Response Time – To respond to the client’s requirements without delay and to mostly deliver the work before time. By following internal timelines, our team is continuously churning out profiles and then moving on to next search in the queue. This provides our client sufficient time for their internal processes.

Quality – To shortlist only relevant and suitable profiles that can meet the employer’s needs. Eliminating the candidates in various screening rounds at our end ensures that our client is required to spend least time in evaluation, except in the crucial decisions of selection.

Reliability – We strive to win the trust of our client through each transaction by providing candidates which meet at least the minimum job requirement. At our end, background verification and reference check is our hygiene practice towards successful short listing. However, too short client deadlines can become an obstruction in the same.

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