Why ITech

Only an organisation that is driven towards nurturing human resource can contribute the clients with genuine advice on talent search. The key differentiator at ITCAG as compared to many talent hiring firms is that we explore the potential of every candidate and work towards their best fitment in industry. Hence, quality is never compromised at our end.

Though small but a very enterprising team of ours constantly works on a mix of traditional and new age systems to do the research, record and audit the existing work. The work is made easier and faster by use of collaborative online tools. The information exchange is real time using these tools. The coordination with our hundreds of consultants who are spread across Switzerland and U.K. is quick and efficiently managed. The processes between the client and candidates are also more customized and focused through use of online tools.

If innovation excites you, ITCAG is a place to be!

What You Can Expect From Our Recruitment Process

  • As part of our pre-selection, one of our Personnel Consultants will already have held in-depth telephone conversations to assess the professional and personal qualification of each individual candidate.
  • Around 3000 candidates from our database are even known to us in person. Therefore, we will gladly make a recommendation based on our experiences with the respective candidate.
  • If an applicant is not yet known to us in person, we will review his/her references for you in advance.
  • Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes: Before we send you a candidate’s profile, the Personnel Consultant in charge will have it reviewed by a colleague. This way, you can be sure that every profile you receive from us has been checked by at least two team members of ITech Consult – a method that has proven itself as a reliable means of quality control many times.
  • We will not leave you in the dark: You will receive regular updates regarding the current state of the search for a suitable candidate.

Our Advantages

We provide you with a service fundamentally based on three equally important pillars: response time, quality and reliability.
We are convinced that these three pillars form the foundation for a successful co-operation with our clients.

Response Time – To respond to the client’s requirements without delay and to mostly deliver the work before time. By following internal timelines, our team is continuously churning out profiles and then moving on to next search in the queue. This provides our client sufficient time for their internal processes.

Quality – To shortlist only relevant and suitable profiles that can meet the employer’s needs. Eliminating the candidates in various screening rounds at our end ensures that our client is required to spend least time in evaluation, except in the crucial decisions of selection.

Reliability – We strive to win the trust of our client through each transaction by providing candidates which meet or exceed the job requirement. At our end, background verification and reference check is a hygiene practice towards successful short listing.

Our Methodology

Whether it is an individual candidate or a bulk search of resources on a project, the match of each candidate has to be fulfilling for the organisation and the individual, both. We at ITCAG understand this deeply as it plays a crucial role in the long run.

Many consultants in the industry are prompt when it comes to provide resources. However, the important criterion to judge a good process is the fact that what kind of steps are taken during the selection of the candidate. These steps are critical towards building reliability and reputation of the organisation. For us every profile has a great potential. Hence, finding the suitable match of the two is neither a mechanical nor a digital output. Selection of a candidate requires in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirement and assessing the candidate on the basis of his/ her qualification, experience and attitude towards the role.

At ITCAG, we follow a four-step framework:

  • Understanding of client goals – Our consultants meet the clients for a detailed Requirement Gathering process. This process begins with basic information of the candidate’s project, role, qualification and criteria. We also understand our client’s organisation structure, styles of operation and organisation culture. We also gather information on the delivery schedules of projects for IT specialists.
  • Our understanding and analysis – Our consultants invest their time on the client’s brief. They research about the client’s presence in the industry, their growth pattern and their business processes on hiring such as recruitment time, contracts and outsourcing. After taking an underwriting from client on the job description and responsibility; required personnel profile and criteria match; and reporting relationship and career growth within the organisation, we proceed towards the profile hunt.
  • Understanding of candidate’s goals – Our consultants work on the specific profile brief and shortlist candidates from our existing database and new search tools. The prospective candidates are provided with complete brief of their roles. Simultaneously our consultants understand the candidate’s aspirations and career goals. After an extensive procedure of in-house evaluation the selected candidates, interviews are scheduled between the client and the candidate.
  • Convergence – This is the last but most critical process of our framework. Our consultants work closely with both, organisation and candidate to arrive at the meeting points of the two. It requires closure of all the gaps in terms of queries so that the match forms an ideal association. Our team takes care of the required communication flow for any negotiation and then finalization of the offer. In case of contracts, our team provides end-to-end services. On behalf of clients, our team takes the responsibility to prepare contracts under applicable work law and permit.

In Case Of A Contract

  • Lean and uncomplicated communication: If desired, you are free to select a team representative or coordinator yourself. This way, you can address organisational or technical issues with this team representative, who will follow them up or discuss them with the team in an efficient manner – hassle-free.
  • Minimal administrative effort: The entire project team will be assigned to you at a fixed price. We will send you an invoice for all deployed team members so that you can keep your administrative effort at an absolute minimum.
  • We assign a homogenous group: All candidates will be advised and informed by ITech. On top of that, we will also look after all administrative matters like payment of wages, expense claims etc. This way, every applicant shares the same background – and you do not have to waste energy dealing with each supplier individually. If you wish, we can also arrange a team building and orientation day for all team members before the project starts. Your project managers are, of course, welcome to take part as well.
  • You can count on us during the entire assignment of your external member of staff. We will look after our IT professionals during the entire assignment in your organisation. This also covers all of the HR administration – and we are, of course, there for you at all times in case of any queries or problems.

Call us and discover the quality of our services for yourself. We are more than happy to meet with you for an individual consultation.

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