Available roles

UX Designer

UX Designer - HCID, visual design, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, design process, interaction design, visual design, design systems and guidelines creation Role:For our client in the Pharma industry based in...

Location: zug

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Digital Biomarker Biomedical Engineer for Biomechanics

Digital Biomarker Biomedical Engineer for Biomechanics, Gait and Passive Monitoring- openSim/ clinical / Python /English / Gait lab Project: For our customer a big pharmaceutical company in Basel we...

Location: basel

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Consumables Supporter Abweichungsmanagement (m/w/d)

Consumables Supporter Abweichungsmanagement (m/w/d) - G-Suite/GMP/Medizintechnik /Deutsch/Englisch Projekt / Rolle: Für unseren Kunden Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz suchen wir einen Consumables...

Location: zug

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Process Development Engineer (m/w/d)

Process Development Engineer (m/w/d) - GMP/Ingenieurwissenschaften/Lean/Deutsch/Englisch Projekt / Rolle: Für unseren Kunden Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz suchen wir mehrere Process Development...

Location: zug

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Schichteiter BGE Fluid Pack Assembly (m/w/d)

Schichteiter BGE Fluid Pack Assembly (m/w/d) - GMP/SOP/Logistik/SAP/Englisch Projekt / Rolle: Für unseren Kunden Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz suchen wir einen Schichteiter BGE Fluid Pack Assembly...

Location: zug

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IT-Ingenieur (Projektleitung/Requirement Engineering)

IT-Ingenieur mit Erfahrung in Projektleitung/Requirement Engineering Projekt:Die Einführung verschiedener IT-Lösungen im Produktionsumfeld erfordert im Vorfeld die präzise und vorausschauende...

Location: basel-landschaft

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Senior AWS OS/VM Specialist

Senior AWS OS/VM Specialist - Python, golang, ruby, perl, Powershell, Bash, Unix/Linux systems Role:For our client in the Pharma industry based in Kaiseraugst we are looking for a Senior AWS OS/VM...

Location: kaiseraugst

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Stellvertretender Schichtleiter Reagent Operations (m/w/d)

Stellvertretender Schichtleiter Reagent Operations (m/w/d) - GMP/Laborant/Hepatitis /Office/Deutsch Projekt / Rolle: Für unseren Kunden Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz suchen wir einen...

Location: zug

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Quality Assurance Manager for Consumables

Quality Assurance Manager for Consumables- quality/ISO13485/FDA/german/english Project / Role: For our partner Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz we are looking for a highly motivated and qualified...

Location: zug

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In today’s harsh economic environment, IT departments are facing more and more challenges.

Budgets are slashed, there is a lack of qualified staff, but nevertheless – urgently required projects still have to be delivered at short notice and within tight deadlines. This is where ITech Consult can offer you quick, highly targeted and cost-effective support, so you can make the most out of your budget.

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Pool Of Candidates

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Our Pool of Candidates

The ITech Consult team supports us professionally and promptly in the recruitment of freelance specialists. Our preferred supplier because they are honest and fair.

IT Director of one of Switzerland’s Cantonal Banks

The ITech Consult team takes the time to properly understand our needs. I appreciate the local support, but I also benefit from their international sourcing teams.

Manager external Workforce of a Finance Corporation

The high quality and excellent candidate profiles convinced us. They promised us reliable delivery and they kept their promise. A top partner!

Head Procurement of a leading Reinsurance Company

An experienced consultant with many years of market experience and a network of candidates helped us to fill the difficult position quickly. I appreciate the regular exchange of information, even after a project.

Line Manager of a Public Service Company

You can feel that ITech Consult has been in business for over 20 years. The quality work that their compact team – many of them long-term employees – delivers, has convinced us. An extremely competent partner that we are happy to recommend at any time.

Senior Project Manager of a Swiss Pharma Company