Work Permits

Most non-EEA nationals must have an employment permit to work in Ireland. The employment permits scheme is governed by the Employment Permits Acts 2003–2014.

International protection applicants can apply for permission to work, once certain eligibility criteria are met. You can read more in the document on services and entitlements for people seeking asylum.

There are 9 types of employment permit under the Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014. They include a General Employment Permit and a Critical Skills Employment Permit, which have replaced the work permit and Green Card permit respectively. The Act also provides that a non-EEA national without an employment permit, who took all reasonable steps to get one, may be allowed to take civil action against the employer to compensate them for work done or services rendered.

Types of Employment Permit:
General Employment Employment Permit
Critical Skills Employment Permit
Dependent/Partner Spouse Employment Permit
Reactivation Employment Permit

To learn more please visit the official Citizens Information website. 

Income Tax and Allowances

A PPS (Personal Public Service) is an individual’s unique identification number for all dealings with the Public Service, including social welfare, tax, education and health services.

There are two rates of tax in Ireland: 20% on the first earned €33,800 (single person) or €42,800 (married person) and 40% on the remainder of your salary

Each individual has tax credits which is a certain amount of your salary that will be exempt from tax. Please note tax credits vary depending on an individual’s personal circumstances. Find out more…

Social Security Contributions

All employees, whether full-time or part-time, pay PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance). The PRSI contribution is a percentage of the employee’s earnings. The PRSI contribution goes towards providing State Social and Health Services. Find out more…

Options for Contractors

If you are starting work as a contractor in Ireland you’ll need to work within a Limited Company. You may wish to set up your own Private Limited Company. However there are alternative options that may suit you better.

The main alternative we offer, is to hire you directly with ITech Consult and we will issue invoices on your behalf and manage your salary payments and associated payroll taxes (PAYE, PRSI and USC). The Umbrella Company handles the administration, tax and salary payments, leaving you free to focus on your assignment. We can also employ you here at ITech Consult, managing time sheets, absences, holidays and of course payroll. Read more…