Do you already know an IT specialist who would be ideally suited to your company? But you are not in a position to employ this person? In this case, ITech Consult is who you need: We take care of the legal contract in compliance with applicable law. And we are not only there for you to ensure that all administrative matters are handled correctly, we also support your new specialist competently and comprehensively.

Outsourcing – A Comprehensive Service Package

  • We support the candidate when it comes to finding accomodation
  • We look after the legal employment compliance
  • We provide the project team member with personal support during the entire assignment in your organisation
  • We keep your costs down, as we provide you with all the experience and infrastructure required
  • We take care of the formalities related to joining or leaving your organisation

The Advantages For You

  • We employ your ideal candidate, complete with an assignment contract compliant with the Irish regulations on your behalf
  • The administrative effort for you is minimal
  • You simply receive one invoice per month
  • Your project team member will be able to concentrate on his/her tasks in your organisation, as ITech Consult will look after all organisational needs and provide him/her with optimum support
  • More efficiency and a higher degree of satisfaction lead to better performance so you can focus entirely on your core business

Are you interested? Then please contact us for further information and an individual consultation.