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ITech Consult was founded by freelancers and is still managed by freelancers to this day. We know what it means to constantly work on different assignments – and we know how important professional support is when you are looking for new projects or carrying out existing ones. As a freelance IT professional using our services, you do not have to give up the freedom of a self-employed entrepreneur. At the same time, however, you will be able to enjoy the comprehensive┬ábenefits of an actual employer, either through your own Irish Limited Company or through an Umbrella Company.

  • Your application will of course be treated strictly confidential
  • We find projects that are ideally suited to your skills
  • We accompany you to your interviews with potential clients
  • We negotiate the best possible contract terms on your behalf
  • We provide the necessary support for foreign nationals
  • If you need accommodation, we help you find it
  • We act in your best interest; if necessary and desired, we discuss any queries and concerns you might have with the client
  • You will be assigned a dedicated Personnel Consultant, who will look after you during the entire project term
  • We pay swiftly and directly into your Company account
  • Before the expiry of your contract, we can negotiate an extension with the client, if desired; most of the contracts we conclude on behalf of our freelancers are renewed
  • If there is no extension of the current contract, we will look for suitable new projects

And last but not least: We will always take the time to look in on you every now and then – just to exchange a few words and catch-up.

  • Blog For Our Candidates

    In our blog for IT specialists, you will find further information about the subject in general as well as updates on important news about working in Ireland. Take a look yourself and get the latest updates on current news.
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    Get an overview of our current project vacancies here and take advantage of our fast and simple online application process! Whether you are replying to a specific offer or would just like to send us a general application, we will take the time to review your profile in detail and get back to you quickly.
  • Facts About Working In Ireland

    If you would like to work in Ireland, it is advisable to consider some basic facts in order to make your stay as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. Aside from administrative matters like work permits etc, there are financial aspects to consider, for example taxes and social contributions. Ideally, you should try and get some information about these issues in advance. Find out more...